Achtung Spoiler incoming: Neue Klassenstorys auf dem PTS aufgetaucht!

von Kevin Nielsen, Mittwoch, 12.03.2014, 12:47 Uhr

Auf dem aktuellen PTS zu Patch 2.7 Invasion sind neue Klassenstorys aufgetaucht. Allerdings nicht wie nun viele sicher erwarten würden in vertonter Form und als lange Questreihe. Ihr erhaltet per Ingame-Post sozusagen mehr Informationen für eure Klasse warum ihr nun die neuen Flashpoints besuchen sollt und mit bestimmten Personen reden müsst oder auch nicht usw. Diese Storys geben euch auch einen Ausblick auf die künftige Story und den kommenden Konflikt. Sie sind auf jeden Fall hoch interessant!


Aktuell liegen diese Klassenstorys nur in Englisch vor. Wir warten momentan darauf, dass wir auch mit dem deutschen Clienten diese Ingame-Post erhalten. Bis dahin stellen wir euch die englischen Storys zur Verfügung. Ihr findet diese nach dem Umbruch. Hier nochmals der Hinweis auf dicke SPOILER! Solltet ihr im Forum darüber schreiben wollen, dann vermeidet bitte andere zu Spoilern. Ebenso sollte besser keiner in den Thread schauen, der sich nicht spoilern lassen will.


From: Servant One of the Emperor's Hand
Subject: The Emperor Lives
Wrath, we have been remiss in our lack of correspondence. It is regrettable, but other matters have commanded our full attention of late.
Despite what you may have heard from Darth Marr and others, the Emperor is not dead. He slumbers still, preparing for his inevitable return.
It is to the Dark Council's advantage that you believe their lies. They fear your power, and with good reasons. Absent the Emperor's Voice, you represent the truest embodiment of his will in the corporeal world.
We have foreseen that your allegiance to the Emperor will be tested. You must remain vigilant, and unleash your might upon those who would dare question the Emperor's reige.


From: Crysta Markon
Subject: Keeping in touch!
Hey there, Grand Champion! Bet you never thought you'd be hearing from me again!
Can you believe these BBA yahoos? Letting every sleen trapper and their third cousin pick up bounties like hunting ain't no big deal! Shameful. Course, I know you don't worry yourself about piddly stuff like that no more. With all I've seen that you've been up to, I know you got bigger ferrazids to fry!
Say, how's that Mantis holding up? Saw one just like it on vacation out to Rishi. Made me think of you. Ever get a chance, sugar, you should head out there. Beautiful beaches, loads of blaster fire–you'd like it!

Imperialer Agent:

From: Terminis
Subject: A New Home
I have decided to keep my walls bare, here in the domicile to which I've been told I've retired.
It's quite a thing to find yourself at once no longer required and yet too vital to cast aside. My days are spent in pursuit of a better dejarik strategy. Better that than to allow languor to become the keeper of my thoughts.
Overheard a curious story about an old adversary resurfacing to play his games with his toys; I sometimes wonder if you were drawn into this particular shroud of deceit and how you might have handled yourself.
I hope you'll forgive the personal nature of this message. The truth is, I've always admired your intelligence.

From: Darth Marr
Subject: On Recent Events
Dark Lord,
The Sith Empire rises.
While the extraction of isotope-5 proceeds slowly, it proceeds all the same. And while our victory on Tython was short-lived, it proved to the galaxy that we are far from diminished.
We continue to press forward with Admiral Ranken's initiative in the Kuat system, and the rogue Czerka moon has become a symbol for Imperial resistance against the Republic's heightened aggressions.
Do not think for a moment that I am unaware of your contributions. Among the Dark Council, you have far and away played the most vital role in addressing these matters directly. For that, you have my gratitude.
Great days await us, but we must first endure the many trials that are sure to come.
Darth Marr

From: Tai Cordan
Subject: On the State of Balmorra
I wish I could report that Balmorra is a haven; that the Empire has been sent packing and that the people are free to get back to living their lives. Sadly, I can't.
That said, there have been improvements, and some level of normalcy has been restored. Whole sectors are actually at peace, where factories have sputtered back to life as the efforts to rebuild continue.
It hasn't been easy. But every day I think of how hard you fought to help restore our government. I think about the stories I've heard of all you've done to help the people of Corellia and Makeb and on and on, and it pushes me to keep trudging forward, no matter how strong the headwinds.
We're landing on Manaan now to negotiate kolto rates. I'd ask you to wish me luck, but it took way more than that just to get a Selkath to talk to me! Be well, my friend.
Tai Cordan
President of Balmorra

From: Satele Shan
Subject: The road ahead
Every Jedi matters, but losing a member of the Jedi Order is especially hard.
In the Empire's despicable attack on our home, Master Oric Traless took his last breath. He is one with the Force now, and lives through us and our deeds. His defiance in the face of evil will never be forgotten.
I wish I had been there, as I am sure you do, but we cannot allow ourselves to become mired in regret. We must continue to strive for peace, both inward and out, and we must remain headstrong in our service to the Galactic Republic.
May the Force be with you.
–Master Satele

From: Master Sumalee
Subject: Been a while
I'd ask what you've been up to, Captain, but I keep seeing your name pop up. Ilum. Makeb. Kuat. Even Oricon, if memory serves. And now this business on Korriban and Tython. You've kept yourself busy. Good.
As for me, Saresh has pretty much made me the standard bearer for Jedi taking a proactive stance against the Empire. Which is fine, but I'd rather be spending less time posing for the HoloNet and more time actually getting the job done. You know–like you.
Keep on doing what you do, but you'd better set aside some time in there somewhere to look me up. Pretty sure I owe you a drink.

From: Jonas Balkar
Subject: Checking In
Heard about those ops with Agent Shan. You've still got a knack for finding all of the action, huh? Wish I could lend a hand, but this Denon job is getting nastier by the day.
As second choices go, Theron's pretty solid. He doesn't have my charm, of course, but he's a sharp field agent. You can count on him if things go sideways.
All right, gotta cut this off–local contact wants his turn on the station. Guy says maybe ten words out loud per day, then writes at least a thousand in every nightly report. At least he plays sabacc.
Missing better company, Jonas


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