Interview mit Producer Simon Kinberg (Englisch)

Simon Kinberg ist nicht nur als Produzent in Hollywood zuständig, sondern verdient seine Brötchen auch äußerst erfolgreich als Drehbuchautor. In sein erfolgreiches Repertoire der letzten 10 Jahre gehören die X-Men-Filme, Mr. & Mrs. Smith, Elysium, Cinderella, Jumper und auch Abraham Lincoln Vampirjäger.

Wir haben dem ausführenden Produzenten und Drehbuchautoren der Star Wars Rebels Ende 2014 einige Fragen stellen dürfen. Das volle Interview mit Simon Kinberg findet ihr nachfolgend. Die deutsche Version des Interviews könnt ihr dann hier nachlesen: Star Wars Rebels Interview mit Simon Kinberg »

gamona: At the beginning Star Wars The Clone Wars was often criticized for being to childish, to colorful and to not fitting in Star Wars. At the moment, some fans are complaining about the same things in terms of Star Wars Rebels. How colorful and how "childish" is Rebels?

Simon Kinberg: The look of Star Wars Rebels is inspired by the concept art that Ralph McQuarrie created for the original movies – Star Wars Episodes IV, V and VI. That's where we take our lead from; a lot of the aesthetic for Rebels is taken from McQuarrie’s art. Dave Filoni is the visual mind of Rebels, as he was for The Clone Wars; he’s our resident director and one of the executive producers of the show – and he’s tried to emulate the style of Ralph McQuarrie into our show. We see Rebels as an animated version of the original films. There's a brightness and a colour pallet, as well as a sense of fun and optimism from the original movies that we try to capture in the show.

gamona: Rebels is set between Episode III and IV so there are some of the iconic characters of the Star Wars Movies around in the Galaxy. Will we see some of them in Rebels (beside of Obi Wan, who is in as we know)? Like Han Solo, Princess Leia, Darth Vader or even the Emperor?

Simon Kinberg: Over the span of the first season, you will definitely see some classic Star Wars characters that will become part of this show – but they are not the main characters. The main characters are the five members of the crew of the Ghost spaceship: Kanan, Ezra, Zeb, Hera and Sabine. This gang makes up the first rebel cell that will then proliferate into eventually what will become an alliance.

gamona: You took Ralph McQuairres concept art as source for the design of Rebels. Why did you do this and why did you not choose to go more in the art and design direction, that were finally at Episodes IV, V and VI?

Simon Kinberg: It’s funny. Whenever you work on something that has existed before, there’s a responsibility to fit within that universe – but there’s also a responsibility to innovate and to do something new and different because those things already exist. With Star Wars Rebels, we have the opportunity to create something for a new generation of Star Wars fans – but we also have the opportunity to create something that appeals to the generation that grew up loving Star Wars and still loves it. I have two young children. For them and a lot of their friends, this will be their first Star Wars narrative. They’ve lived with the bed sheets and the action figures, but this will be the first time they’ve actually watched something Star Wars, so I wanted Rebels to feel different to the original movies. I wanted it to feel like it’s its own thing, so that the younger generation can have it as their Star Wars and it isn’t just something that their dad handed down to them.

gamona: With the Rise of the Empire between EP III and IV, with the execution of Order 66 and the Death Star at the horizon, thinks seem to become worse and worse in the Galaxy. Will this be Part of the Story of Rebels, so that we can expect that Rebels will get darker and darker over the Episodes and Seasons (like it has been seen in The Clone Wars)?

Simon Kinberg: Star Wars Rebels will definitely get darker. The Clone Wars has a slightly different tone to Rebels and that’s partly because The Clone Wars was a story about someone who ultimately becomes a villain. Star Wars Rebels is different. In our show, we will feel the effects of the Empire becoming more powerful, and we'll expand that over the first and future seasons of the show. There will be a feeling of desperation and fear from the Ghost crew and the larger rebellion in our story. In upcoming episodes, we try to create some pretty real jeopardy in the show, so you believe that the stakes are life and death, so we definitely explore some slightly darker areas. And that will deepen over the span of the show.

gamona: We took a look at the fan reactions to the main characters from Rebels here in Germany. Everyone loves Chopper, Zeb is seen as a cool guy and even Hera and Kanan are quite popular. But some people seem to have some problems with Sabine and Ezra. Do you think, Ezra and Sabine will find their way to the heart of the fans? And why will they?

Simon Kinberg: Sabine and Ezra are the younger characters in the show. Ezra's actually much younger than the other characters, but I think grown-ups tend to identify more with people who've had a little bit more life experience. At the start of the first season, Ezra has some resistance to being part of the crew and he has a bit of an attitude, which I think the adults don’t like. As the season progresses, you see these characters go through some hard life experiences. They mature in the process and Ezra really connects with the rest of the Ghost crew. I think people are really going to get more and more enamoured of him as the season progresses.

Simon Kinberg: Kanan and Hera seem to have a very ambivalent relationship. On the one hand, they seem to be competitors in the role as leader of the group, on the other hand, they seem to have some kind of romantic attraction to each other. Will the be part of the Story in Rebels? Will this "conflict or love" play a bigger role?
I think their relationship is more flirtatious than romantic. I don't think there’s ever been any real romance between them, but I think there is a chemistry between them. I think there is an attraction between them. They absolutely respect and admire each other. But in terms of an actual romance, it's not something we ever really talk about or explore in the show. The feeling is more of banter and a flirtation between the two of them.

gamona: All the crewmembers of the ghost have good reasons for fighting the empire. Will we take a look at the background of each of them? Where they come from, why they are, where they are and of course, how the crew of the ghost came together?

Simon Kinberg: Absolutely. When we were building the show, we started from a place of character. We knew that it was going to be the formation – the very beginning – of the Rebel Alliance and we knew that we wanted it to focus on four or five characters who were this rag-tag band of heroes that would slowly start to build a larger rebellion. As you mention, the audience come into the pilot episode with Ezra's point of view. He's fresh to the group, so we learn a lot more about him than the others – but we learn a lot more about the others over the span of the first and the second season. We will delve deeply into the histories of the characters and their families. We also learn more about how they all ended up on this trip together. They are all from different planets, so we explore what led them to this place. We learn about where they broke off from the rest of the world and why they become part of this new family.

gamona: Will we see more new species like the one, Zeb belongs to in Rebels?

Simon Kinberg: Yes! The short answer is yes. You'll see them new creatures on the side of the rebellion, just like they had in the movies. Whenever the Ghost finds itself in a new environment, there will often be new creatures to see.

gamona: How about visiting new planets, we haven't seen in Star Wars before? Can you give us some names or hints (beside of Lothal)?

Simon Kinberg: When it comes to Ezra and Hera, you get a sense that they are both from somewhere else in the Galaxy. That’s especially true with Hera. In future episodes, we go back to their homelands and we explore the back-stories of all of the characters on the Ghost. I don't know if I can name the planets, but I’ll let you know one thing in particular. Sabine wears Mandalorian armour, which is something we will explore on the show. You’ll find out a lot more about that in future episodes.

gamona: How close are you working together with the team of Episode VII around J.J. Abrams? Is there anything in Rebels, that will influence the Star Wars we will see in Episode VII?

Simon Kinberg: I’ve always been a huge fan of Star Wars and [Lucasfilm president] Kathy Kennedy. I’ve always wanted to work with Kathy because I’ve loved so many of her films. When she came over to work at Lucasfilm, we had a meeting where Kathy told me she was going to be working on Star Wars projects and she asked if I’d be interested in helping. I said to her, “I would love to be involved.” We started having casual conversations, which led to a meeting with George Lucas. That was one of the most thrilling and daunting meetings of my life! We discussed working on the films, which was incredibly exciting for me. That’s how I ended up as a consultant on Star Wars: Episode VII. So I’m a consultant on the movie, but I didn't get to visit the set this time, which was a big shame. I was planning on visiting, but I couldn’t make it in the end. I’m very excited about the movie, but that’s all I can say on it. When it comes to Rebels and the movies, LucasFilm is a family and all of the filmmakers are in communication with each other, whether they are working on the animated side of things, or the feature side with the spin-offs and the standalones. They use this word a lot, but it's true; there’s a synergy between all of the different departments and all of the different products. We are all aware, and we're all excited by the notion of these things informing or being aware of each other. I think there's a larger tapestry that they're telling, and all of us are part of it.

gamona: Is there anything you would like to share with the german Star Wars Fans? Some tiny little secret about Rebels you can reveal? Or something like that?

Simon Kinberg: What secrets can I spill? Well, I’ll tell you that Ezra and the rest of the crew of the Ghost are forced to go to some pretty dramatic places in the later episodes of Season One. In some ways, the second half of the first season is about Ezra getting over some of the trauma of his past. It’s about him investing in becoming part of this crew and part of this family. He starts off as a pupil, but he will eventually show signs of being a great leader, too. He has a very broad arc for the first season of Star Wars Rebels. It’s going to be very exciting to watch.

gamona: Thank you, Simon!

Hier gehts zur deutschen Version: Star Wars Rebels Interview mit Simon Kinberg »

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