Meet the Devs – Stephen Reid – English

After the Fansite Summit and E3 we are ready to give you our next episode of the Meet the Devs Series. This time we have a very famous man, whom all of you will know very well from the official forums: Stephen Reid, Senior Community Manager at BioWare!

What is your name and what is your job title at BioWare? And what are you doing in this job?
My name’s Stephen Reid and my job title is Senior Online Community Manager, which means I manage the global community team for Star Wars: The Old Republic. Ultimately everyone on the community team, in the US and the EU, reports to me.

Was it a dream of your childhood to work in the game industry? And how did you end up in such a legendary studio like BioWare?
It actually wasn’t a dream of mine – but back when I got into games, they were played from cassette tapes and generally created by one guy in his bedroom, in the UK at least. I trained as a journalist and ended up writing about games, which I enjoyed, and eventually moved into community. After a couple of different jobs in the US, I was recommended to BioWare, and they decided they wanted to bring me onboard.

What are you currently working on?
Next week’s Friday Update (and far beyond that)! Right now, we’re working on planning San Diego Comic Con, and then other shows beyond that for the rest of the year.

What is your suggestion for the first class we should play in SWTOR?
Whichever one matches your personal Star Wars fantasy! They’re all a lot of fun. Myself, I am a big fan of Han Solo, so it was natural that I wanted to play a Smuggler.

Who is your favorite character in the extended Star Wars Universe?
I’m a traditionalist, so I think I’d have to still say Han Solo.

What genre of games do you like best? And what games are in your top 3 list of all time favorites?
I enjoy ‘free roaming’ action games, like Red Dead Redemption, the GTA series, that sort of thing. I also like turn-based strategy games, such as the Heroes of Might & Magic series. In the last couple of years I’ve gotten into tower defense games too – I blame Plants vs Zombies. In my all-time favorites, I’d include the early space simulator Elite, which was amazing to experience when I was a kid. The original Doom was very influential, and also I’d say Civilization.

Do you like reading? If so, what kind of books do you have in your bookcase?
I do like reading, although I don’t have as much time to read as I feel like I used to. I read a lot of different things including fiction and non-fiction, and I also like to read comics, so I have several shelves full of graphic novels at home. Right now I’m reading A Game of Thrones (long overdue, I realize) and the ‘Absolute’ edition of All-Star Superman.

What are you doing in your spare time?
Spare time… I remember that, vaguely. :) I try to play games, I go to the movies pretty regularly, I’m a big board gamer (strategy games out of Germany in many cases!) and I like eating out with my wife, who’s a real ‘food nerd’.

Who shot first? :)
My boy Han, obviously!

And finally the famous lonely-island-question: What, except the German SWTOR-Community, would you take to a lonely island? Lonely… uhm… of course with connection for power and internet.
I’m not sure I understand the question. If I have power and an internet connection, what else do I need?? I guess a really good laptop. I’d be pretty much happy then. Maybe a case full of beer that magically replenished when empty.

Thanks to Stephen for answering our questions!

You can find a german translation of this interview here on our page and we have also a little overview of all our meet the devs-interviews right here!

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