SWTOR Testserver Patchnotes 2.8 EN – Update 3

Game Update 2.8: Spoils Of War PTS Update 3

Hey all! Here are the notes for Update 3. One thing that isn't noted is that we adjusted the event so that it continues running through next week instead of automatically turning off.

Flashpoints + Operations

  • Made balancing adjustments to encounters within Nightmare Dread Palace.
  • Players can no longer use gap closing abilities while carrying the Seed Of Knowledge during the Dread Master Calphayus encounter in the Dread Palace.
  • During his Dread Palace encounter, Dread Master Tyran's Inferno ability no longer deals damage outside of its affected area.

Galactic Starfighter
Ships + Hangar

  • The Sledgehammer now correctly mirrors The Decimus in components, and has Ion Mine, Interdiction Sentry Drone and Concussion Mine available to it.

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