SWTOR Testserver Patchnotes 2.9 EN – Update 2


Guild Flagships now available! Guilds can now purchase a Flagship and use it to compete with other guilds and conquer the galaxy!

Battle for control with Conquest! Personal and Guild Conquest is now available!

  • Participate in "The Balance of Power" Conquest Event to earn both personal and guild rewards.
  • If your guild owns a Flagship, you can invade a planet and compete with other guilds for planetary domination. Special perks are available to those who conquer a planet by placing at the top of the Guild Leaderboard at the end of the event.

Galactic Strongholds

  • Guildmasters can now purchase a Guild Flagship by visiting the Flagship Directory on the Fleet.
  • Flagship rooms can be unlocked with a combination of Credits and Frameworks:
    • Frameworks come in three varieties: Engineering, Command, and Logistical.
    • They can be obtained either by combining Encryptions or defeating Conquest Commanders, who have a chance to drop the completed Framework.
  • Players can now participate in Personal and Guild Conquest Events!
    • Planetary Conquest Vendor is now available.
    • Walker Vehicles are available to Guilds who have conquered a planet!
  • Corrected a number of misaligned and incorrect textures within the Strongholds.
  • Players can no longer inadvertently access both the East and West Staircases if one Staircase and the Balcony or the Main Room is purchased.
  • You can no longer exceed the maximum occupancy by selecting "Travel to Stronghold" at the same time as other Players.
  • The Public Listings Directory no longer contains Offline Strongholds.
  • Placed Companions are now labeled with their name instead of "Your Companion."
  • Players are now able to split a stack of items from their Legacy Cargo Hold into their Inventory, and vice versa.

Flashpoints + Operations

  • Players are no longer kicked to the Character Selection screen when exiting the Depths of Manaan.

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