Testserver Patchnotes 1.3 – Update 1

1.3 PTS Patch Notes – Update 1


The patch notes published for the Public Test Server are not final and are subject to change. These notes apply ONLY to the most recent update to PTS.

Classes and Combat


  • Several major like buffs and debuffs no longer stack with one another. This system effects several debuffs like armor reduction, healing reduction, and accuracy reduction (through abilities like Tracer Missile, Flourish Shot, and Diversion), and buffs like armor increase, healing received increase, and damage dealt increase (through skills like Force Shelter, Kolto Residue, and Bloodthirst). This system specifically causes only the highest of any given non-stacking buff or debuff to apply. Most players will not notice the effects of this change, but groups that continue to attempt to stack non-stacking buffs and debuffs will notice the limit to how the effect calculations are applied.

Imperial Agent

  • Recuperate can now be used from cover.


  • Recuperate can now be used from cover.

Sith Warrior

  • The speed trails from Predation no longer persist after the ability has ended.

Companion Characters


Corso Riggs

  • Corso's Legacy unlock reward now grants the correct bonus.

Guss Tuno

  • Guss' Legacy unlock reward now grants the correct bonus.


  • Unlocking Risha's Legacy reward now properly grants its bonus.

Crew Skills


  • Several items that erroneously indicated that they could be reverse engineered have had their tooltips corrected.


  • Players are now able to harvest from gathering nodes when a companion is not present.

Flashpoints and Operations


Hammer Station

  • Using the Fleet Pass now updates mission steps related to travelling to the Fleet for this Flashpoint's mission.

Red Reaper

  • Only one dropship now appears following the shuttle cinematic.

Group Finder

  • Explosive Conflict has been removed from the list of Operations in the group finder due to difficulty.
  • Tier 2 Hard Mode Flashpoints (Lost Island) are now disabled by default. Players must manually select this category to queue as part of a random matching.
  • The correct text now appears for "Vote to Kick Player" in the French and German clients.
  • The Group Finder notification window now updates correctly when the "Ready" button is pressed.
  • Daily rewards for completing random Flashpoints have been adjusted. Level 41-43 characters now receive 5 Belsavis Commendations, level 44-46 characters receive 5 Voss Commendations, and level 47-50 characters receive 5 Daily Commendations.
  • The minimum level to access The False Emperor and the Battle For Ilum Flashpoints has been corrected. Characters must be level 48 to find a group for these Flashpoints.
  • The correct role icons now appear on group frames in groups assembled by the Group Finder.
  • Players now receive the correct message when they are joining a group with content already in progress.
  • Tooltips no longer stay attached to the cursor after the "Travel Now" window appears in the Group Finder.
  • Corrected an issue that could cause text in the Vote Kick window to become unreadable.
  • The tooltip for "Group Finder Daily Rewards" now displays consistently for players.
  • The Group Finder window no longer becomes transparent and closeable if the inventory is open in the background.
  • Players now receive the correct message if they cannot join the queue due to having an offline player in the group or when a player has not yet accepted an invitation.
  • Corrected an issue that could make the Queue Group button unavailable if a group member disconnects and reconnects.
  • Players can no longer join and leave groups to reset their Group Finder lockout.
  • The travel dialog now only opens a single time when players click the Group Finder icon multiple times after selecting "Travel Later."
  • An issue that caused the "Daily reward already claimed" message to appear erroneously has been corrected.
  • Leaving a non-Group Finder group no longer prompts the "you have left the queue" message.
  • Players are now removed from Warzone and Ranked Warzone queues when they successfully join a Group Finder group.
  • Converting to an Operation Group while using the Group Finder no longer causes incomplete groups to be formed.
  • If a group votes to kick the group leader, the new leader can now use the "find replacement" option.
  • A player's role is now correctly updated when players click the "Update Role" button while already in the queue.
  • Players now receive an error when attempting to queue for Flashpoints using the Group Finder while in an Operation Group of five or more players.



  • Some hoods that clipped through player models no longer display for those species.
  • The Tauntaun Ram ability and item icons now have the correct art.
  • Corrected an issue that prevented players from upgrading a MK-6 augment slot to a MK-7 augment slot.
  • Players now receive confirmation dialogs that indicate adding an Augment Kit or a modification to an item that is not bound will bind the item to the player.
  • Level 50 Datacron relics are now Artifact quality. Existing relics will be automatically updated.


  • Tooltips for Legacy Priority Transport abilities have been updated to correctly display their shared cooldown.
  • Rank 2 and 3 of the Field Mail Droid perk have had their Legacy level requirement adjusted. Rank 2 now requires Legacy level 8 (up from 5) and Rank 3 now requires Legacy level 12 (up from 5). The credit costs for these perks have not been changed.
  • The Legacy item Consular's Exalted Robe no longer has an incorrect appearance.
  • Priority Transport perks can no longer be used while inside Flashpoints or Operations.
  • The "Show Legacy Bar" option in the UI preferences now properly saves whether it is toggled on or off.
  • Sith Purebloods and Cyborgs now display properly in the Family Tree.
  • Corrected an issue that caused the Legacy Persuasion perk to increase Affection gains at a higher rate than intended.
  • Players now receive the Speeder Piloting skill right after purchasing the Improved Speeder Piloting perk. This addresses an issue that caused the skill to update only after an area transition.

Missions and NPCs


  • Subtitles are now properly aligned with conversation options.
  • Mission tracking on the map no longer disappears if a mission is untracked and then tracked again.



  • The Endless Abyss: Swapping the mission item "Torchy" with another weapon no longer causes items to be sent to the wrong inventory area.

Sith Warrior

  • General Faraire: The phase door for this mission has been moved to prevent players from leaving the phase accidentally, causing the mission to become blocked.


  • Damaged Security Droids on Corellia are no longer invisible until attacked.



  • Players no longer receive Warzone invitations while they already have a Warzone invitation pending.
  • An issue that could prevent a team member from properly appearing as a member of the Warzone group has been corrected.
  • The tooltip on the Queue Group Ranked button now more clearly indicates that you must queue with a full 8-player group.
  • The column for Ranked Rating no longer appears in normal Warzones if they player is queued for a Ranked Warzone while participating in a normal Warzone.


  • Some missing audio for matches between teams of the same faction has been added.
  • Players no longer receive ending transmissions from Huttball when completing a Voidstar match.



  • The chat window's position no longer resets when loading into the game or reloading the UI.
  • Text in custom chat tabs no longer appears misaligned.
  • Players are now instructed to use the number of a custom chat channel instead of its name to send messages to that channel.
  • Chat tabs moved by the player can now be properly deleted. Pressing Enter or the '/' key will properly activate Chat after doing so.

Groups and Targeting

  • Tab targeting now selects targets that can be seen by the player on the screen but that the character does not have line of sight to.


  • The minimap filters now display properly.

Miscellaneous Bug Fixes

  • Several fixes to spelling, grammar, and minor art issues have been implemented.
  • Cancelling the activation for a Holocall no longer causes the Holocom button to be disabled.
  • COD mail messages now expire correctly after 3 days.
  • Corrected issues that could cause players to appear to be stuck dead.
  • Players no longer slide to the object they are interacting with in some cases.
  • Players now receive a more informative error if they are unable to connect due to character transfer.
  • Sounds from "loaned" speeders no longer persist after they have been dismounted.

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