Testserver Patchnotes 1.5 EN – Update 1

Star Wars™: The Old Republic™
Game Update 1.5 PTS Patch Notes

Update: 10/23/2012

The patch notes published for the Public Test Server are not final and are subject to change. The Public Test Server Patch Notes will be provided in English. The final release notes will be provided in English, French, and German when the content is moved to live servers.


  • The Cartel Market is now accessible! All characters on the PTS will be set to Free-to-Play status soon for a limited time in order to assist testing the Cartel Market and Free-to-Play options. This has no effect on characters on live servers.

Cartel Market and Free-to-Play Testing Details

  • The Cartel Market is accessible via the gold Cartel Coin button near the top of the screen.
  • All PTS testers will be periodically granted a small amount of Cartel Coins for the purpose of testing the Cartel Market. Cartel Coins are displayed in the currency pane. No Cartel Coins or purchases on the PTS will be transferred to your account on normal servers.
  • Players will notice that several unlocks, boosts, and Legacy perks can be purchased for Cartel Coins. In many cases, these can be unlocked by clicking the Cartel Coin button near the appropriate UI element. They can often be unlocked for one character or for an entire account.

Classes and Combat

  • Subscribers are no longer charged credits for skill point re-specializations.


  • The cost to remove mods from items has been reduced for subscribers.
  • The Collector’s Edition vehicle and all vehicles available in the Cartel Market can now be used with the lowest level license. Their speed now scales based on the license unlocked by characters.
  • Subscribers may now access speeders at level 15.


  • The Legacy panel now accommodates much larger Legacies.


  • Subscribers have access to 2 additional quickslot bars.
  • The deposit for items placed on the GTN is now a percentage of the item’s value (instead of being based on the player’s set price).
  • Vehicles, mini-pets, weapons, and color crystals can now be previewed in the in-game item preview window.
  • An additional bank tab can now be purchased.
  • The title selection window is now scrollable. Players can now choose their Legacy name display from this window.
  • A progress bar has been added to the currency pane to indicate player proximity to currency caps.

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